Calendar 2023


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Description Slavic mythology

It is a set of pre-Christian Slovak ideas and stories about the creation of the world, gods, demons and other beings.

Knowledge about the Slavs as our ancestors is limited because many written sources have not been preserved. All information is further transmitted mainly verbally in the form of rumours, fairy tales, etc.

However, some traditions and rumours persist and even today there are hundreds of people in our area calling themselves pagans. They still believe in Slavic gods and keep old rituals alive.

The Slavs divided the year into two parts – summer and winter, while each period during the year had its own important events and celebrations. The cycle of nature was such a predecessor of the ever-repeating calendar, which developed from individual seasons.

So I connected the gods and beings that are somehow connected with the month of our calendar year and added a short description and interesting facts about each one.

  • A3 format calendar
  • 13 pages of sturdy glossy paper
  • ring binding with white spiral
  • last page with cardboard
  • language: Czech

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