Please read the terms and conditions before requesting a work.

Digital painting – portraits, illustrations

Portrait – 1 figure – 90€
Half body – 1 figure – 122€
Full body – 162€

Each additional character is equal to 60€.
A simple background is free for all digital paintings.

Complex illustration with detailed background and effects – starting at 210€, but the price is individual and can be negotiated according to complexity.

I want digital painting

90,- €

122,- €

162,- €

210,- €

Traditional art

Choice is on you:
paper + pencil/charcoal/sticks/acrylic/watercolor/crayons

Prices on the same basis as digital paintings + costs for materials and postage.

I want traditional art

from 100,- €

from 100,- €

from 100,- €

from 100,- €

Twitch emotes

According to difficulty – 15-17 € /pc

I will send you Twitch emoticons in 500x500px size, since Twitch can already resize them automatically. However, I can send you all sizes we agreed to, if necessary.

I want Twitch emotes
Animated emotes

According to difficulty – emoticon price + 21-41 € /pc

Lately I’ve been working on animations, so I can also create animated emoticons.

I want animated emotes
Subscriber badges

According to difficulty – 7-11 € /pc

I will deliver the sub badge or cheer badge in the following sizes: 18x18px, 36x36px and 72x72px. You will receive all these variations with each purchased emoticon.

I want badges
I am also capable of creating business cards, banners, posters or other advertising matters.
(profile photo for FB page, opening photo, price lists, roll ups…)

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